First Annual Solar Eclipse of the year 2020

Solar Eclipse Jun 2020

Astronomy is very much fascinating, millions of events are happening in the sky and very few can view viewed from the Earth. Today, people got an opportunity to see the amazing celestial event, the annual solar eclipse hits the cancer line and stayed on earth around 6 hours. Million of viewers able to see this [Read More]

Father’s Day Celebration- A Day Dedicated to a Pillar of Solidity.

Father's Day Celebration 21st June 2020

Father’s Day Father is most dedicated figure to build the family, most of the world encouraged to dedicate a day for their father. Most of the countries are celebrating this day on 3rd Sunday on June as Father’s Day. This year, it is featured on 21st June, which is phenomenal because it has an engagement [Read More]

June Solstice – with first Annual Solar Eclipse of 2020

June Solstice 2020

June Solstice 2020 Today, we are witnessing June Solstice 2020 along with the rare combination of nature where longest day on earth is set to witness the Annular Solar Eclipse. This rare combination will reappear only after 19 years that is on 21st June 2039. The First Solar eclipse of 2020 is setting up a [Read More]

मैं क्यों मरुँ ! – A Tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput

Shushant Singh Rajput

Upcoming Legend set too early:  A tall, handsome, dynamic, versatile personality “Shushant Singh Rajput” is no more in this world. A rising start set too early at the age of 34 and left so many questions in the mind of his generation. This life is a gift of God and it is being graced by [Read More]

Lockdown to Un-lockdown to meet your dreams – An inspiring story

Expression of Love

India is facing a tough challenge to unlock the cycle of Lockdown. Covid-19 impact on every part of life is visible significantly. People are losing jobs, no buyer in the market, so sellers are also unhappy. Few sectors are able to sustain the jerk, however, many failed to resist this economic crisis. It’s all about [Read More]