Life for Water Colour- Internation Art competition for Water Colour paintings

मैं एक किताब हूँ

A great boost for the ART LOVERS and ARTISTS to leave a mark with water colour paintings. ARTOFWATERCOLOUR is organizating the online competition to give a new life for the water colour curators and well wishers. No Fee, NO jury , just need to participate All entries to be eveluated based on the public voting. [Read More]

Art of Nature – Rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is due on 21st Dec 2020

Great Conjuntion of Jupiter and Saturn

The year 2020 is going to enter into history due to a pandemic, which eats up the entire year with lots of life. However, for the astronomy lovers, this year is also going to set the history for the night sky lovers. December Solstice is going to witness one of the rare conjunction Jupiter and [Read More]