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My dear friends, journey of life is always amazing, as long as you are doing experiments you are alive, once your desired seems to be settled down means you are lost. Many of us are working for Name, some are for fame, some are for Money, some are for society. However very few works to keep their passion alive, got late realization for missing part of life but committed to bring out my passion at world forum. Two third of my age passed away in Software Industries, where every day is more and less same except people management challenges, somewhere nothing to punch into the air or get the highest level of excitement. With age, it’s a big challenge to rewrite the story from scratch, here my inspiration is SUN, every day coming out to en-light us.

Salute to my parents, my wife, my family to come forward and allowed me to go ahead with your passion. I am not a formally trained artist, when-ever got an opportunity, worked on my brain child developed the learning by own way.

Don’t know how to express, whenever taking a deep dive and fully engaged into the art creation then extreme happiness entered into heart/mind/soul. We all are human beings and daily working for happiness then always better to uplift your skills which gives a lot of pleasure.

Award and recognition are important is our life, however when someone appreciate your work then the distance of Moon doesn’t appear too far.

My art journey:

2010 – First time my art work showcased in Artist Center (Mumbai) annual show:

  • Path of Life
    Path of Life
  • Group show at Artist Center
    Annual Show- Artist Center
  • Myself with Painting
    Annual Show- Artist Center

2011 – Polished skills in Charcoal painting

  • Collection of Charcoal paintings

2012-2017 – Failed to continue with same momentum, however hopes were alive to do go with passion soon.

2018 – Encouraging year to build the lost momentum

Feb’18 – The first wall show in our society, receive good amount of encouraging words.

  • First show in the Society
    First show in society
  • first show of in the Society
    First show in society
  • People watching the show
    First show in society
  • My wife with Paintings
    First show in society

Jul’18 – After long time participated in Artist Center (Mumbai) annual show.

  • Musical Morning
  • Group Show at Artist Center
  • Group Show at Artist Center
Annual Show in Artist Center (Mumbai)

Dec’18 – Year end show with a stall in a function and first time got a feeling of sales. Received lot of appreciation for the artwork.

  • Christmas - Stall in one of the society.
  • Stall at Society
  • Stall at Society

2019 – This year still ON and expecting to sign of good amount of memories.
April’2019 – Stall in one of the annual function in Powai school.

  • Art Stall at Hiranandani Park
  • Art Stall at Hiranandani Park
Stall at Powai school

Oct’2019 – First group show, great experience as got an opportunity to share the work with renowned artists Sh. Prathvi Soni, Sr. Ram Kumar Sharma Ji.

  • Group Show in 2019
  • Group Show in 2019
  • Group Show in 2019
Cymroza Art Galary

What People Say

If you want to live your dreams then you need to bring your dreams in your real life, does not matter how difficult but try to set example as achiever.

Nisha Deven (my wife)

Destiny is not a desire, your desire to be your destination in real life.

Rajesh Gupta (Brother)

One can’t do, can’t achieve. Better to lift your moral and do best without thinking for result. Success is not a gain, Success is not a award, success is not appreciation. Success is a lesson which you have implemented to build the road for success.

R. C. Gupta (Father)

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