A Tribute to Art curators

An art is a classic form of presentation, which spread awareness, colours, emotions and helps to promote culture across all societies. The way ART has been developed from the Stone age to present world is an example of excellent journey with lot of variances. Team ART-INDIA is paying tribute to all the artists, custodians, performers who laid the foundation and left remarkable work for the next generation and hats off to the present generation setting the high standards for upcoming generation.

ART Legends

Human brain is a great tool to bring out the extensive art work from inception to reality. Great honor to all legends who left the footprint marks for us to follow, excellent painting work in the past, wonderful creations in today’s life and expecting awesome work in future. A big salute to all the artists for their contribution.


ART Galleries 

ART galleries are true witness of the creative panorama. To establish direct connection with an art lover and artists, art galleries physical presence bring lot of differences. A live wire test for an artist and true feeling exposed of art work loved by art lovers.


Upcoming Art Events

Nurturing next generation is one of the utmost important factor to preserve and handover the history in right hands. Participation in art events is growing day by day, it also helps to improve the cultural bonding and gives lot of confidence to upcoming artists.