Welcome 2021 – The Survival from Covid-19

Flying Time
Time the flying machine, we are welcoming the year 2021 and saying goodby to 2020. The year 2020 is now history, it will be remembered for a long time for various reasons. The journey of 2020 was different altogether, started as a promising year, and left with a big question mark, what to be next. As time flies, all painful spots of 2020 will be vanished in the upcoming years but will stay in mind for the next few generations who witnessed this pandemic. The ending of 2020 is not just about the ending of a year… We are witnessing the end of a decade too, it’s important for all beings who are alive on earth must start their journey with a positive thought and mindset. Let’s remember the end of 2020 for good reasons and start 2021 with the intent of setting the remaining part of this 21st century.

Roll back of 2020

The year 2020 has a lot of nicknames, the lockdown year, year covid-19, poorest year, a dead year, and many more. All names justifying 2020 itself, it is true as well that “All-mighty human” impacted badly in the year 2020. Due to covid-19, so many people faced health hazards, so many died, most of the world economy crashed and people witnessed job loss, the entity of some businesses almost eaten by pandemic itself. The entire population on this earth impacted badly with its direct and indirect touch. So curious, why is it to call this as a special year…

First of all, we should not forget, we (humans) derived from nature and should respect nature’s call. Irrespective of the kind of situation, it’s our responsibility to follow nature’s guidelines and give due respect as well. Coronavirus impact is a natural call to correct so many things like:

  1. Importance of Health: Wise people mentioned so many times, health is wealth. However, we forget to take care of our bodies.
  2. Importance of Humanity: Join hands together to make this world the best is the philosophy to go together. This pandemic set the same tone that human is important and humanity is the way to save human life.
  3. Importance of Home: Every eye is set to go out, see a different world at the cost of his own home life. I think this pandemic gave us an opportunity to build our home together with our family.
  4. Importance of Family – Nobody can deny the fact that family is the best medicine for survival. During crises time, the family is the best instrument to operate our problems nicely and gently. It’s a shelter for all care. It’s hard but true, those who were left home years back, got an opportunity to meet their family and set the mark for a new beginning. It’s an opportunity, to begin with, roots and set a big umbrella for our next generation.
  5. Importance of Boundaries: There is hardly anyone, who doesn’t want freedom. However, this pandemic shows a path to find the root and stay within defined boundaries if you want to survive.
  6. Importance of Change: Change is the only way to lift your life, if you keep your life in one gear then you lost the path actually. Change of place, change of job, change of business wasn’t possible in most of the cases at the beginning of the year 2020. However, when it was ended a lot of things were changed. Those who failed to change actually lost the path.
  7. Importance of Lockdown: We cannot forget, lockdown brought so many things down like:
    • Crime rate – Almost zero crime rate reported due to lockdown.
    • Accidental deaths: Death reported for covid may have seen so many heights, however the rate of accidental deaths down to very few from 1.5 lacs reported thru traffic-related accidents (in India) in the year 2016. (reference Wikipedia)
    • Kids health card: No stats available, however, personal experience suggests that doctors’ visits were less not because of covid fear. However, the kids’ health was good, no running nose, no fever, no injury, and much more stuff.

We must welcome this upcoming decade and the year 2021 with a lot of respect for nature and many more things:

  1. Look forward to uplift your life and also take care of others.
  2. Keep a healthy lifestyle to keep your health like wealth.
  3. Still, the joint family concept is a key to keep you connected with your roots and, it also helps to build the nation too. Here are the key benefits of joint family
    • Kids get a healthy environment and learn to bond.
    • The aging impact is very low for aged people as they get enough time to spend with small legs and a happy environment also ensures less round of hospital trips.
    • Stressless environment, as the sole earner has the ability to feed the entire family.

My dear friends, wish you and your family a very happy new year. God bless you a wonderful year ahead.

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