Life of the Pawn

Life of the Pawn

Everyone wants to celebrate life, every coin has unique value. It is a story of a little pawn, one who can move only one step, most of the time sacrificed his life for the sack of saving others, one who has high numbers on board of 64 blocks but remains silent. 


One day the pawn was feeling very low. He was thinking why I have to sacrifice my life always first. The Pawn was thinking along about his position in the game and the importance of him.

Meeting with Knight

With all sorts of distress, he went to knight and highlighted all his emotions in front of him. However, the Knight who was very intelligent though he mentioned that your concerns are really valid, so better to check with rook. Then the Pawn met with Rook and he directed take advice from Bishop.

desperation for solution

The journey of the pawn did not end here, he wasn’t able to find any answer from the bishop and queen too. It was a very frustrating situation for the Pawn. Without losing his heart, he was trying to find the asnwers.

Family of the Pawn

destination of desire

After passing through million of thoughts, finally he reached the king’s house. He has raised all his distress elements to the king.

The king calmly responded 

  • Why are you feeling low?
  • You are the most important part of the chess game, in-fact the soul of the 64 blocks.
  • You stand like a wall to protect each of us.
    You do safeguard my life when no one is left except you.
  • You are the most precious because when you reach the 8th house of the board then you have been promoted as a Queen or Rook or Knight or Bishop.
The king and pawn

Final Destination

After listening to the praising voice, Pawn was pretty satisfied and felt great. It was a big booster for the pawn from the king’s mouth, he gave a lot of regards to the king and went back to his place.

Happy Pawn
Beauty of a Pawn
     Moral of the story: “Trust on yourself and enjoy the team spirit to rule the world”.

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