Lockdown to Un-lockdown to meet your dreams – An inspiring story

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Lockdown to Un-Lockdown

India is facing a tough challenge to unlock the cycle of Lockdown. Covid-19 impact on every part of life is visible significantly. People are losing jobs, no buyer in the market, so sellers are also unhappy. Few sectors are able to sustain the jerk, however, many failed to resist this economic crisis. It’s all about life and people with brave heart comes forward and take the opportunity with both hands and used lockdown as a blessing to unlock the key of success.

I am going to share the story of a girl from a small town ‘Bhilwara’ (Rajsthan India). Her dreams were locked due to various school assignment and home responsibility, Covid-19 lockdown taught her, how to add ‘Un’ in lockdown to unlock the box of desire and make the best utilization of time. 

Mridula Agarwal

Name  : Mridula Agarwal 
D/o      : Deepti & Deepak Agarwal
School: Sophia girls senior secondary school

Mridula is a very talented girl and coming from a very low middle-class background where schooling is topmost priority and rest is not having any priority. This lockdown gave her wings to fly and showcase her talent to the whole world and shown a great amount of potential to become a very good artist in various fields.

Lets begin her journey of lockdown:

Mridula agarwal is studying in standard 10th, she is a very talented personality and adore the following skills during the lockdown:

  1. Drawing
  2. Dancing
  3. Writing

Here are the creations of Mridula:

Drawing Gallery

Dancing Performances

She is very much passionate for the dancing. It was her long desire to expose her talent to this world, learning any art is one of the important thing and turned it into an performance is a skill. It’s really helpful to reach to another level of challenge. For her, dancing is a classical way to negotiate any kind of negative energy into positive outcome and ensure to get the very best result. 

Visit her vibrant performance on youtube channel Mridula Agarwal

3. Taki taki 

Writing Skills

Our whole country is suffering from coronavirus. To save the lives of people of India, our PM SH. Narendra Modi ji has declared the lockdown for the whole country. It was frustrating for many of us and appeared as a major problem to stay home, no maid, no helpers. For me, it was a blessing in disguise as I can do everything which was a dream in the past. Earlier major challenge  was the school and home responsibility, thus left with limited time to focus on dancing or drawing.

This lockdown gave enough time to utilize my time effectively, I am putting all efforts in Yoga, love to watch mythological serials like Ramanyana, Mahabharat, and Krishna. Along with online classes, I do focus on drawing and dancing. I love Indian classical dance style and very much passionate about this. Dancing is the best way to keep yourself healthy physically and mentally. Drawing is an expression of thoughts, I do believe that everyone should focus on drawing because if you know how to outline your dream on a piece of paper then you can also figure out how to achieve your dreams as well.

My dear friends, it’s a kind request to everyone:

Live life with full of energy, avoid mobile/TV as much as possible, because we got a very good opportunity to stay at home with family. It’s the best time to make it best on all front, family, school, and Passion all together.

Best wishes to everyone. Please share your feedback for my drawing and dance performances.

(Your’s Mridula A.)

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32 thoughts on “Lockdown to Un-lockdown to meet your dreams – An inspiring story

  1. Ankita Goyal says:

    Great job Mridula!! Very beautiful paintings and awesome classical dancer. You are an inspiration to everyone.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful paintings and awasome dancing..keep continue both with your studies..life is not all about for books and getting good marks all time…my all blessings are for you I wish for you to touch the sky….

  3. PadmjaDodiya says:

    Mridula I knew it that you had something very special and look this lockdown gave you opportunity to showcase your talents

  4. Shalini Mathur says:

    Well done Mirdula. Pleased you to see your talents. Keep it up ! You become inspiration for others.

  5. Mridula Agarwal says:

    Thankuuu so much mam for supporting me 🥰🥰🙏🏻it’s because of your kind blessing n support

  6. Shagun sen says:

    Keep it up my buddy…….mridula di as mia😁😍😍😍😍😍😍😍unicorn ……. Preety one😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
    For ………..nothing
    I know you do your best👍👍👍👍👍

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