Corona – A Challenge for parenting during Lock-down

Life is a like a free-flowing wild river, in which everything is exposed. It doesn’t matter whether the situation is planned or unplanned, man-made or natural, during crises this should be addressed. Either you fight or take a flight. That’s all about life.

Wild River to depict free flowing life.
A Challenge for parenting during Lock-down

Today we are living under the shadow of Coronavirus effect. Here our destiny and destination both are taking a big U-turn, so we need to press the reset button of lives, which will give us breathing space a. Challenges in life are an important factor to boost the thinking process of the mind to get innovative ideas.  Also, they encourage us to do something different, difficult situation tends to give a twist in life. The one who is brave will always look at these crisis situation as an opportunity.

Corona is leading to a situation of lockdown, all family members are living in isolation without any choice. Here it is important how to manage this period effectively, especially parents with kids below 8-10 years of age. As parents it’s our responsibility to guide and nurture our NEXT-GEN in this crucial period.

As most of the families in metro cities are nuclear families, probably parents must be having these questions :

  1. How do you bound young legs?
  2. Twenty Four 24 hours are too much for them, what to do?
  3. How to maintain a healthy style of life?
  4. How to feed the brain during this period?
  5. What are the ways to channelize their hyper energy?

Let’s try to find out the ways to deal with the Parent/Child relationships during the lockout period. Please note, nobody is perfect, however, it’s our perfection, which guides you to find the right answer:

1 How do you bound young legs?

It’s a bit challenging to define the boundaries for kids. A sudden change to stay at home is a bit difficult for adults, just think about kids?
It is not a mind game, like chess or battlefield. You have to follow a philosophy KISS(keep it simple stupid). A cool and calm composure of mind is needed to divert the attention. As long as they are busy with their liking, they won’t disturb them.  Seriously, it’s a chance to use your skills of persuasion, surely outcome would be more pleasing. The beauty of this relationship is that kids don’t have materialistic expectations and they love to live in the present moment. If the present is best suited to them means a win-win situation for both.

2. Twenty hours are too much for them, what to do?

Parents will get 24 hours with kids

A million-dollar question, based on the age group you can try to find out activities. If you know their liking very well means you are having the best time with your kids. Follow the steps:

2.a Age Group 15 months 36 months:
  • Feeding them with creative content is the most important task, make sure to feed them along with Music or TV. That will keep their mind busy. (If not wrong – about 4-5 hours in a day needed for their servings)
  • They love to play with musical and Light toys a lot. Ensure all these are available upfront for them to pick and play.
    (About 2-3 hours would be eaten up easily)
  • To consume their energy, you must involve in physical activities like:
    • Jumping –
2.b – 3 to 5 years

In this age group attention is more required, it would be a little tricky to persuade them. This age group is fairly easy to manage because they understand the importance.

  • Greedy nature: Usually in this age children are bit greedy, which is common in all kids. Let’s utilize this behavior to negotiate the situation also try to convince them for their betterment.
  • Study – Try to avoid the word ‘Study’, better to go with ‘Let’s revise’ or practice. Always go with their favorite subject, do selective experiments only and avoid excessive experiments.
  • Consume Energy – Indoor activities are the only option left for kids. So go with board games, along with Physical exercises. Better to utilize time with different games as per the availability or liking. If possible avoid the mobile version games.
  • Television – If it’s not possible to keep them away from the TV, it’s better to show them informative programs like Discovery Kids. Space missions are a very attractive subject, so identify online resources and encourage them to watch the show.
    In case sky access is available from your home, it would be better to expose them. It’s so fascinating to watch the night sky. Considering good air quality due to Zero Traffic, you can see a lot of stars, even planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn via naked eyes in the morning sky.

    Must ensure that TV should be watched from a safe distance and a watching slot should not be more than 1 an hour or 2.
2.c – Above 5 years
  • Learning –As Per child psychologist this age group kids are more towards innovations, if you are having an innovative experiment kit then try to engage them. A simple exercise will ensure that they are occupied for a full day. Like:
    • Playing with Magnets
    • Try to make a battery operated FAN
  • Consume Energy: This age group requires more attention to consume their energy, I think morning and evening Yoga is a must to keep them refreshed.

At least 2 hours before going to bed, better to spend an hour for physical activities (say no to mental activities), It will consume remaining energy, also helpful for them to get the sound sleep.

3 – How to maintain healthy style of life?

Healthy food is the key, it’s a great opportunity for them to get the homemade food. Specially cooked by their parents (as no maid is available). Avoid junk food, in the first half they should eat fruits and NUTS and 2nd half vegetables and other stuff.

Ensure to spend at least 15 minutes just before sleep and just after wake up. Discuss some-thing interesting and different from the real-life with them. If possible talk beyond the imaginary life of the child. It will increase their creativity and curiosity.

4 – How to feed brain during this period?

Brain feeding is the most important process to keep them engaged in various activities from time to time. Already explained earlier in this article under the heading of 24 hours schedule. To keep the right balance between their eating/learning/playing, it’s always recommended that learning + playing should go together for below 6-7 years age category. As their mind is more inclined towards playing activities, with the flavor of learning it makes a complete package for them. For the age group of 6-7 years, a lot of online resources available related to innovation, creative ideas, ART and CRAFT. Keep them engage in those activities based on their interest and availability of raw material at home.
Parents, please ensure to keep an eye on them.

5 – What are the ways to channelize their hyper energy?

There is no fair practice available, however, if your kids are having a lot of energy better to share your tasks like watering the plants, dishwashing, house cleaning and any other safe activity which can be best suited or adaptable to your kid. Don’t mind to involve them in cooking, making chapatti, washing fruits, etc.

This is the best way to deal with hyper active kids.

Key communication pointers
  1. Never say no to them better to say, let’s do it in this way.
  2. Avoid discussing current corona effect.
  3. Avoid news channel’s all the way,
  4. Say no to Mobile as much as possible,
  5. Always talk positive,
  6. Build confidence to boost this relationship forever.

Guys, I hope you enjoyed this article. Babies are gifts of God, we got an opportunity to spend quality time with them. As per Sadguru Vasudev Jaggi, parenting is a project for 20-25 years, as you have planned a baby then ensure it’s nurturing as well.

God bless you everyone, have a happy stay and enjoy the journey of life.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think u have picked up a valid point to address. You are right, but the main challenge is that work from home for husband and wife along with kids it’s a very difficult task. Specially where family is small it’s next to impossible. Don’t think you can do justice with your work or kids. well it’s a time to find out a way to live.
    Nice writeup and brought valid points. Thanks a lot.

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