An opportunity to transform Corono Virus as a teacher
Corono (Covid-19)

Hello, readers today we are coming up with the most demanded topic, CORONA (Covid-19) – The VIRUS GURU. First of all, we need to understand the meaning of the term “GURU “. This term is made of two terms GU-RU , “GU” meaning darkness & “RU” means dispels the darkness. If you look in a way, CORONA is kind of guru who is teaching whole humanity the way we should live, AND COME OUT OF DARKNESS. The darkness of selfishness, the darkness of cruelty, the darkness of greed, etc, which has overpowered us.

The presence of this virus guru has forced many countries to lock themselves down and has also left them with a curious question of “what now ” or “what next”. I think in a sense this is what a GURU does to you. A guru leaves you with an infinite question so that you introspect and try to find a solution . Which leads you to find a new “YOU”. This is what a virus guru is doing to everyone. Let’s be practical and understand CORONA (Covid-19) the VIRUS GURU

On a lighter side, watch movie 3 Idiots to find the relationship of Virus and Guru. Also best-suited example with Corona (COVID-19) Virus and GURU.


Exactly, the whole world is going into reboot mode, people have stopped every futile thing that they were doing before. Now they are doing, what really matters to them the most, like spending time with family, exploring other spheres of life and developing a sense of inclusiveness i.e whole world is together in this pandemic. It’s the best time to re-invent, by polishing what you already know and also by acquiring a new skill. This virus is teaching us, to be more conscious being exactly what a teacher or a guru does to you. Learning is that, which changes the failure into an opportunity, here Corono virus has an opportunity to become a Guru.

Sadguru Jaggi Vasu Dev, a humanitarian. Inspiring the world to fight with Corono (Covid-19)
“CORONA >>> To >>> KARMAs “

I hope we learn these basic lessons ;

  1. Live and let live – It’s very much evident that we humans have tried to dominate nature in every possible, which has resulted in unnecessary friction between humans and other species. We need to understand, we are just a small part of this big cosmos. Just imagine how big this cosmos is, in which we are just a small part of it.
  2. Become more hygienic – Adapting new hygienic habits is very important, a lesson which virus guru is trying to teach you. Like wash your hands regularly and use NAMASKAR for greetings.
    A good live example is Japan, without lockout they are fighting with Corona. Though their aged population is quite high they are very well aware of how to maintain hygiene.
  3. Be a vegan – Just imagine if the whole world would have been vegan, virus-like corona or H1N1 would never have existed. So, I request all my readers to become vegan.
Sri Sri Ravishankar ji, a humanitarian. Inspiring the world to fight with Corono (Covid-19)

At last but not least, I would like you all to take this period of 21 DAYS lockdown as a wonderful opportunity to meditate and do your Sadhna or spiritual practice. I am sharing some links to guided meditations by famous Indian yogis.

1- A Practice of Meditation- BY SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR JI

2. Meditation and it’s benefits – BY SADHGURU JAGGI VASUDEV

Thanks, everyone for going through the entire article, enjoy the journey of life and have a safe and fit 21 days lockout.

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