Art of Judgement – Nirbhaya’s culprits proves Bhagat Singh was wrong.

Bhagat Singh a true freedom fighter

The Journey of 89 years which began on 23rd March 1931 is lost the path and reached to another destination on 22nd March 2020. 23rd March was the brightest day of Indian history when Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life for the freedom of India and 22nd March is a black day, known for the hanging of Nirbhaya’s culprits. Here are Art of judgment is needed -Nirbhaya’s culprits proves that thought of freedom of Bhagat Singh and his sacrifices were wrong.
Please note that it was Monday on 23rd March 1931 and 23rd March 2020.

Irony of Freedom

It’s an irony of India that we got freedom in 1947. However, it was for the man-made land boundaries, not from mind and heart. Still, free India is struggling or fighting to get the freedom from:

Just a thought, if the soul of Bhagat Singh gets a chance to meet with Nirbaya’s culprits, he will definitely cry and think twice why he fought for Free India and sacrificed his life.

Some Known facts about the Bhagat Singh.

23rd March is a white day in Indian history, Bhagat Singh stood tall and hang to death for a free India. This day was so inspiring, full India got momentum to think for a free India. Krantikari Bhagat Singh sets the tone for free India across the Hindustan and earlier Pakistan.

Bhagat was born in 1907 in Banga Punjab and since his childhood, he was encouraged towards the krantikari bhava. Bhagat Singh was revolutionary who stood against the imperial British government. He was a true embodiment of fire of freedom and young spirit, which guided the trajectory of India’s freedom struggle. Bhagat Singh was true agnostic, an atheist and a true symbol of fearlessness. By his fearless action against the British government in the case of Lala Lajpat Rai death soon he became the unforgotten symbol of spirit, which India wanted badly.

Action speaks

Bhagat Singh was famously known for his 1929 assembly incident, in which he planned to explode a bomb inside the British assembly against public safety bill with his accomplice Batukeshwar Nath Dutta.

Batukeshwar Nath Dutta
Batukeshwar Nath Dutta

This shows how strong his determination was against the unjust rule of East India Company, which essentially led to face him assembly trial young age of just 23 years.

Dream of Bhagat Singh for young India

Bhagat Singh is a true  example of how our young India should be, his vision was:

  • A class-free society
  • Secular nation
  • A socialist and
  • Egalitarian society

Today’s generation has forgotten the price our freedom fighters paid to achieve freedom, we the people of the 21st century are taking everything for granted. I think Bhagat Singh never wanted this kind of India, if he would be alive, he would regret his sacrifices.

Thread to connect Bhagat Singh and Nirbhaya’s Killers

What a coincident it has been that the death anniversary of Nirbhaya’s killer on the eve of Bhagat Singh death anniversary, shows where have we come in terms of morality. It pains my heart to see the current scenario prevailing in the youngest country. We have revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh and Vivekananda who sacrificed their whole life for the betterment of this holy land Bharat. But still, our youth lacks passion and vision that our ancestors wanted. It is said that when there is is no vision people perish. Identifying the leader

I think it is high time for us to choose our heroes and follow them by our hearts so that we can make India a Vishva Guru. There is no question that Bharat has a lot of potentials, after all, all our country has more than 60% of its population more than 35 years of age. We have a very bright future.

Also, I would suggest all my readers read the book named “Why I am an atheist”, written by Shaheed Bhagat Singh in his prison days. I hope these words of wisdom will help you and enlighten your path of life.

Murder of Bhagat Singh’s a dream of bright India
Nirbhaya gangrape criminals

16th December 2012 was one of the black days when a college-going girl was raped by 6 persons. This incident was so horrifying, even writing makes me scared. Just imaging how was the situation of a girl who was dying every second. After struggling for two weeks brave girl lost life. However, this ignited India to find a path of justice for women.

A well-defined constitution took over 7 years to hang them. Not sure how to read this order. A win to get justice after 84 months or a slap on Nirbhaya’s parents to wait for so long.

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  1. Gautam says:

    It’s true after independence we lost the path due to political ill-will and reached a stage where youth is self destroying India`

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