Corona – blessing in disguise- Art of living with Corona effect

COVID-19 an experience of life
Corona is blessing in disguise

Wise people are always able to find an opportunity in odds. Irrespective of the quantum of challenges they are able to manage the spectrum of life beautifully. During our child hood we used to listen the stories of JAPAN, how they recovered from the horrible incident of Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident, irrespective of their  natural and geographical challenges , JAPAN set the high standard of life and transformed them to become  world leader. They are now very well equipped in beating the heat of odds to meet the beautiful life.

Corona teaching us Art of living

Now whole world is on verge of uncertainty of life due to Corona (Covid-19) virus spread. In last three months world population has reduced by 13000 due to corona effect.  Now, as humans are most evolved species on planet , it’s our moral responsibility to tackle this problem sensibly . For that follow under given steps:

  1. Wash Your Hands: Hand hygiene is very important in fight against corona . Even WHO has constantly advised to wash your hands
  2. Keep  a minimum distance of at least 6 ft: People were not aware of right distance earlier, now it’s important to keep right distance between two human beings to curtail the possibility of exchange of COVID-19
  3. Do NAMASKAR: This sign of Greeting each other is derived from Indian culture. With Namaskar, positive energy of gratitude share with other person without touching. This way you can keep yourself protected and connected as well.
  4. Make full use of quarantine – Quarantine is the only way to keep yourself and society safe from Virus. God gave us this opportunity to explore inner core.
  5. Don’t spread if you show some symptoms – Consider this as social responsibility to avoid the transmission of this virus.

Only if we act responsibly, we can come out of this corona pit together otherwise, we will continue to pay price .


As there are always to other side of story, we also need to see this pandemic incident from nature’s point of view. May it’s the nature’s way  of correcting things, which are done wrong by humans . Some facts shows corona is blessing in disguise:

Lake in Venice is much cleaner, than before:

In Venice, the frequently cloudy trenches as of lake got more clear, with fish roaming freely  in the water beneath. Italy’s endeavors to constrain the corona virus led to more clear and pristine water . Furthermore, the progressions happened rapidly. With no time .

Covid-19 impact- Lake in Venice is much cleaner, than before
Air in china is more pure than before:

Air contamination in China has lowered in the midst of extraordinary CORONA lock downs. In Thailand and Japan, hordes of monkeys and deer are meandering lanes now without voyagers. This is clearly shows , nature or mother earth is reclaiming it’s space back from us. The corona virus pandemic is closing down nations over the world, causing a critical decrease in air contamination in significant urban communities as nations execute stricter isolates and travel limitations.

Covid-19 positive sights- Air is more clearer than ever.
Courtesy : NASA Earth Observatory
Nature is more lively then before due to corona effect.

After Janta Curfew in India, birds are flying more freely. Sky is appearing more clear than ever. People are wearing mask to protect themselves from corona not for the pollution crises. Families are living together to feel the bonding. A pin drop silence during day time shows the fear of Corona, also suggests that how far we were from the nature.

Janta Curfew bring whole India in isolation to cut off the wings of Corono.

Friends, it is a high time to be united for the safety of humanity. Also a responsibility of everyone to ensure that people are following the WHO guidelines honestly. It’s a fight with nature, here no atom bomb explosion, however still count of bodies is too high.

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With best wishes and extra care.

Team Art-India

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