March Equinox 2020- The Equal Day & Night (Almost)

March Equinox

20th March 2020 is a day where most of the Sun lights spread across the globe in a uniform manner. It means that Day and nights are almost equally divided. This is known as March Equinox.

Three days 19/20/21 are important in March to experience this celestial event. Here The Sun crosses the Equator (The imaginary line) from South to North. It happens every year during this period, in Mumbai (India) this year the day was about 12 hours 7 minutes and 2 seconds long.

A New Start

Northern Hemisphere gets a new life at the start of March equinox. This new start brings happiness and spring festivals to left a mark on rebirth in the Northern Hemisphere like Easter and Passover.

Snake of Sunlight

Chichen Itza, the world famous Pyramid in Maxico witness the snake figure formed through the sun light during March Equinox. It is one of the prominent famous ancient Spring equinox festival at main pyramid Chichen Itza, Mexico. This pyramid is known as ‘EL Castillo’. It has four staircase, these Staircases are designed with specific angles, which makes it look like huge snakes formed thru sunlight. It appears that snake is crawling down the stairs on the day of equinox. Sharing a youtube video to have an experience of wonderful event.
Snake Sunlight (Courtesy – Smithsonia Museam)

Tropical Year Kick off

Just like Georgian Calendar, for the astronomers Tropical year (or Solar year) starts with March equinox. It means that Earth has completed the single orbit cycle of the Sun. A Tropical year stands for about 365 days 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds, however calculation of a year varies between few minutes to max 30 minutes. Here is the timeline for upcoming tropical year cycle for your reference:

March Equinox Time-line for next 4 years.

There are two equinoxes recorded in one tropical year first falls in March and other one in September. During the equinox earth changes the axis and tilts about 23.4 Degree in relation to Earth elliptical path.

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