Car Artists (Cartists) – An innovation to extend the limits of ART

We are in Jet age, where things are flying at a speed of a supersonic jet. For the followers it won’t be easy to match the pace, so guys tight your belt I am talking about Art innovation Cartists. Cartists is a group for Art Curators, they conduct the Cartists Yatra with 20 artists, 2 trucks and 5 cars with a mission in hand to connect various cities of India. They are fabulous with a vision to unearth the heroes from Art fraternity along with a core objective to build a united India.

They stared this journey almost 5 years back with a Cartists Festival 2015, a long journey of 5 years set the high level of achievement and set the big-big bars for others to match. From the year 2018, they are conducting yatra’s and received a very encouraging response from the people of India.


This year CARTIST YATRA is still on the way with the theme “Sustainability” where 54 days will witness the feel of 7 cities and cover around 6100 KM. This journey won’t be ended here, a mark of 1000+ artists engagements along with 40+ workshops and 42 speakers make this light of path a unique experience.

Here is the Glimpse of their work in recent time:

Cartist gave cloths to an iron body.
Transformation of Scorpio.
Cartists changed the vision of Nano, looks like a symbol of India
Nano showcasing united India
Beyond imaginary line a car with spare parts at her body.
Out of the box.

My dear readers, I personally like the way they have touched the heart of people with an innovative path, it is amazing. Please visit their site “” and get all the updates. God bless the entire Cartists team and enjoy the long journey.

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