Importance of recognition and appreciation for artists.

Recognition and appreciation for artists  during 61 Lalit Kala Akademi award Winning pic
Importance of appreciation

God created us to spread the colors in everyone’s life. We are pretty lucky to see the beauty of nature on earth. An artist somewhere is closely doing similar stuff in everyone’s life with his/her own creation. They put their soul in the process of creation to make it meaningful enough to spread smile forever. It is very important to understand the importance of recognition and appreciation for artists. Such actions in their life to excel out the best creative work on earth.

This blog is dedicated to all the Artists, who injected the life in their art-work (Painting/Scrulputers). It’s wonderful to see them as a winner. Yes, I am talking about the 61st Annual Awards of the National Lalit Kala Akademi, fifteen artists were blessed with the feeling of respect and acknowledgment on 4th March 2020. They have been honored by the Honorable President Sh. Ram Nath Kovind.

Award and recognition

These awards were presented to 15 artists for their outstanding work done in the field of ART. Here is the list of the winners from different states, in which Maharashtra dominated the table.

  • Maharashtra – 4
  • Delhi – 3
  • West Bengal – 2
  • Kerala – 2
  • Rajasthan – 2
  • Gujarat – 1
  • Karanataka – 1 Winners
1. Anoop Kumar Manzukhi Gopi (Kerala)
2. David Malakar (West Bengal)
3. Devendra Kumar Khare (Gujarat)
4. Dinesh Pandya (Maharashtra)
5. Faruque Ahmed Halder (West Bengal)
6. Hari Ram Kumbhawat (Rajasthan)
7. Keshari Nandan Prasad (Rajasthan)
8. Mohan Kumar T (Karnataka)
9. Ratan Krishna Saha (Maharashtra)
10. Sagar Vasant Kamble (Maharashtra)
11. Satwinder Kaur (Delhi)
12. Sunil Thiruvayur (Kerala)
13. Tejaswi Narayan Sonawane (Maharashtra)
14. Yashpal Singh (Delhi)
15. Yashwant Singh (Delhi)

All 15 artists were selected after review of 300 artworks. This year, It was done by the seven-member jury, which was comprised of eminent artists, critics and art practitioners from across the country. 

The awardees were honored with a shawl, plaque and cash prize worth Rs 1 lakh. 

About Lalit Kala Academy

The Lalit Kala Akademi- the National Academy of Arts is an autonomous center governed body since August 1954. This akademi is defined by its objective to establish a well-defined art platform. This is a creative engagement for Indian Artists to uplift the entire art & culture. They do focus to cover the complete spectrum from Traditional to contemporary art fields. It helps artists to get recognition at the world level.

Wish luck to all the artists for their hard work to reach this level and set up an example for others.

With best wishes.
Team www. (AOI)

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