The India Pen Show 2020, knocking the door of Mumbai (India)

The Indian Pen Show 2020

Innovation is the key to open the doors of the future, when we entered into the future throw the gates of innovation its a responsibility of a generation to keep that innovation intact. That’s what “The India Pen Show 2020”.

For people like us, a ‘Pen’ is a tool to jot down the emotions on paper or other mediums. It was a great invention because without that it’s really difficult to think of life. Thanks to the inventors for their hard-work to laid the foundation of the future.

We are lucky to witness “The India Pen Show 2020” in Mumbai on 7th and 8th March 2020 in Nehru center. It is a versatile show because it includes the variety in many senses like:

  • The primary focus of the show on Writing instruments
  • This show will talk about the ‘Pen’ associates like paper, ink, nib.
  • Booster for the ‘Made in India’ program, along with international manufacturers.
  • For the Pen lovers a unique show to understand the new technology using the Pen Manufacturing.

This mega fountain pen carnival is special because it will act as a bridge between the writing enthusiast, pen lovers, manufacturers and traders around the world.

Blue Ribbon Holidays, a best place to find the destination.

Amachi Mumbai, enjoy this festival because it is one of the lifetime opportunity for many of us. Here are the program and venue details:

  • Dates: 7th and 8th March 2020
  • Location: Nehru Center, Worli, Mumbai – Maharashtra (Google MAP)
  • For online registration: Registration

For more information, you can reach out the organizer’s web site i.e

There is an opportunity for the volunteers and sponsors for the show so don’t miss the chance of associating yourself with this event.

Thanks, everyone for reading the information, ensure to share this blog with your pen loving friends.

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