Kala Ghoda Festival 2020 – A HUB of ART

Kala Ghoda Festival 2020
Kala Ghoda 2020 Festival is live

Kala Ghoda Festival 2020 is one of the best international art events organized in the heart of Mumbai City (India). It is a remarkable event in many senses,
– It Spread the colors of ART and Culture of India
– The Place for ART lovers to come together and enjoy
– A platform for next-generation artists to lift the soul of Indian heritage.

The major attraction of the Kala Ghoda Festival is to see the live performance of film fraternity and other fields. For the tourist, it is one of the main attraction too.

In short, the Kala Ghoda association is doing an extremely wonderful job to preserve and nurture the Indian art heritage through Kala Ghoda festival. They are looking forward to spreading multi-cultural awareness through this platform. Kalaghoda festival is a must to go place for each of us. It is being organized in the heart of the city, where Art & Craft got a distinct mark, a place which is surrounded by art galleries. Everyone from Mumbai should visit this festival to encourage participants

Here is the schedule:
Start: 1st Feb 2020
End : 9th Feb 2020
Location: Kala Ghoda (Fort- Mumbai) Click here to see the Location Map

For more detail, you can visit Kala Ghoda association web site, or download the schedule.

Guys, enjoy and have a great time.

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