A New Beginning for the year 2020

A new beginning - Welcoming 2020
Here is a glimpse of New year celebration in India….

Good morning everyone,

Wish you a very happy new year, God bless everyone on this earth to uplift humanity to extreme happiness. Poor won’t be no more on the earth, rich always act like a big tree to help others as much as possible. The healthy smile on every face to see the beautiful morning, it may be appearing like a daydream but this is what everyone wants in his/her life.

New year – Gregorian Calendar

The new year timeline is based on different countries and their culture; However, The Gregorian calendar is the calendar used in most of the world to set the year’s tone. Hardly there is any country where this year’s format is not followed.

It’s a very special event for each of us, at one point showing the end of the year and reach a point to kick off the new year. In addition to that, it’s an end of one decade and starting another decade too. No matter what’s your age 30-40-50-60 or more, we are now entering into 20. Fun/ Cheer/ excitement/ celebration/ happiness is the only stanza to see on every face. Across the globe, this fun time starts on an eve of 31st Dec and ends after an hour of new year beginning.

Celebration in India

While writing this blog, Mumbai (India) has already witnessed the new year 2020 starting about 11 hours back and eastern part of the world also had a new beginning almost 20 hours back; However, the transition from 2019 to 2020 is not just a change of time, full globe cycle takes about 29 hours to leave the year behind and flag off the new year.

In the race of the first country to witness the new beginning was Samoa and Christmas Island/Kiribati and the last one “United States- Minor Outlying Islands” (Baker Island, Howland Island). TimeandDate.com has done a good job to list down the list of transitions. (Click here to see the list)

I think Timeanddate.com has showcased the timeline of the new year cycle in an excellent way. Must watch, here is the current position.

Thanks for Timeanddate.com for sharing such meaningful information.

Online Search engine the giant GOOGLE also celebrated the new year in their style, see the doodle.

Courtesy – Google.com

Thanks, everyone, enjoy the year 2020 with full flow and set the year remarkable for upcoming years.

With best wishes

Team Art-India

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