Vision Extension – The Window

“The Window”

Hello my dear friends, a new year is about to start count down already started, few hours left to crack the 2020 for the new beginning.

Today I am publishing my painting ‘The Window’, a new hope, a new way, a new vision to kick off your New Year 2020.

‘The Window’ is a thought to express my vision about life, all of us are aware of it that a house without a window is just like a match box, won’t allow you to find ray of light, new views, fresh air and heights to see the far things. A House with window extends the limitless opportunities, spread the happiness, new dimensions to your vision, in other words a house can be termed as perfect home.

Adding a window in a room/house changes everything, impact of window’s in our life is fairly important, also it signifies for a better world.

  • It gives an opportunity to allow breathable fresh air in-side.
  • Distance vision to be achieved.
  • Allows to watch stars in sky.
  • When you are alone, it acts as a friend to pass the time in-front of window
  • Light of hopes entered in your life from a window…
  • On the contrary I am using Windows’ operating system to jot down my feelings. 😊

It cannot be denied that Window is having an ability to change you and your vision in no time. That’s the message I want to share via this painting, though there is a dark around you however hopes are always alive and window does allow to see the rays of hopes.

Wish you and your family a very happy New Year 2020 in advance. We got an opportunity to witness 2020 as a year of new hopes to support each human being and build a wonderful social environment.

With best wishes…

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