Life to live – “World AIDS Day 1st December”

World Aids Day

Hello, My dear friends,

Life to live – “World AIDS Day”

I wish you a very happy Sunday, today is the beginning of year’s last month and it’s the first day of December 2019, sweet memories to be recollected and new plans to be finalized for the upcoming year.

Everyone wants to enjoy life; Life is good as long as it is not having any complications and complications. It does not mean that life is going to be ended soon.

It is true that the importance of life totally depends upon the heights of the complication. Today human beings are failed to set quality standards for their own healthy lifestyle. Desires are dominating, passion for building tomorrow is killing today that’s why Life is suffering a lot…

World AIDS Day

Today is 1st December and remembering the community where about 38 million people are suffering from AIDS. These numbers are pretty better as compare to the figures released during 1990-2004. Certainly, these numbers look positive because of the awareness and willingness of the community to see the downfall in figures. That’s why the UN has accounted for 1st December as ‘AIDS Day’ or World AIDS day. Thanks to the UN for setting up very high standards to spread awareness across the globe. UN participation is very important and they played very smartly to bring down these numbers.

Here it is important for us to think for a better society, healthy people around us, nurturing the next generation to garner mother earth… After all, nature is suffering a lot due to poor inhabitants, a small step for a stronger society boosts the cleansing process of mother nature.

It’s our moral and social responsibility to remove the roots of AIDS, do you know why?

AIDS (HIV) is known as one of the deadly diseases, it was entered into human life almost 99 years ago and blowout to each corner of the globe with-in 60-65 years. As per UN Data [by the end of 2018]:

  • Around 38 million people of the global population are living with HIV (positive).
  • About 1.7 million new cases found in the year 2018.
  • Around 0.75 million people died due to AIDS symptoms in the year 2018
  • Nearly 32 million people died due to AIDS. The First known case of HIV in a human reported in 1959 in Congo and died due to HIV.
AIDS And it’s Fear

Between 1990 to 2005, AIDS was one of the fearful factors in human life. Due to a lack of awareness, it was transmitted into a human at a very fast rate. Within no time, the whole world was in grip of the deadly disease.

Thankfully, a global awareness program conducted. The World AIDS day established to ensure that people will look forward to fighting this disease. Undoubtedly after 2004-2005 # of reported cases/deaths count reduced significantly.

AIDS is transmitted disease and the main cause to get infected are:

  • Unsafe sexual relationship (the most common factor)
  • Drugs injected via injection.
  • HIV infected blood transmission
Cure and Care

With the advancement of science and technology, Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is an HIV medicine to treat HIV infection. ART is recommended to everyone who has HIV. ART helps people with HIV live longer, healthier lives and reduces the risk of HIV transmission.

Still, HIV-TB (tuberculosis) remains the leading cause of death among people living with HIV. It is accounting for around one in three AIDS-related deaths. As per the 2017 file, around 10 million people infected with TB and 9% were living with AIDS. The major challenge is that 49% of people living with HIV and tuberculosis. They are unaware of their co-infection and are therefore not receiving proper care.

No more Fatal Disease

Guys, AIDS is not more recognized as a fatal disease. However, a lot due at our end to avoid the possibilities of AIDS. We need to work in two areas:

  • 1st – Whoever gets infected, ensures to get the treatment and live in a society with pride.
  • 2nd – Awareness programs to be conducted at the root level to reduce the chances of infection like
    • Next-generation who is in Teenage must be going thru such awareness programs
    • Psychologist’s role is also important to explain the issue and how to overcome such situations.
    • Parents should have a good bonding with their kids. This will really help to build a well connected parent-child relationship. It will give an opportunity for parents to negotiate the unhealthy habits timely.

My dear friends, I hope the provided information is helpful to understand the importance of AIDS awareness. Please share this message with everyone in your network and ensure no more AIDS cases in your circle.

I wish you a very happy Sunday and enjoy Dec 2019 for a better Jan 2020.

With regards,

Team Art-India

Please note the Above-mentioned facts collected from the UN web site and Wiki. In case there is an issue with the blog (Write-up). Please free to contact us with facts so that corrective action can be taken.

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    It’s really a serious thought and being human, we all shud come forward to nullify the impact…
    Very nice thought and suggestions.

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