Chess is the best game to beat the heat of ‘Negativity’

Chess is a best game to beat the heat of 'Negativity?'

Very good morning friends. Chess is the best game to beat the heat of ‘Negativity’.

Do you know why I love to play CHESS?

My desire to FIGHT in the brain ended on a Board. No matter win or a loss, the most important enemy ‘Negativity’ gone.

So it is very good to be a chess player. Chess is the only game that gives the pleasure of the battlefield. It is a mind game to read the opponent’s move, also an opportunity to plan your moves accordingly.

Chess is not only a game, but it’s also a brain exercise. It has the ability to sharpen your thinking abilities and calculative approaches in odd situations.

Chess and Learning

My suggestion is that everyone should play chess and encourage kids to learn this game. It is an exceptional indoor board game with immense possibilities to improve your skills like:

  1. Reading an opponent’s mind.
  2. Brain development
    1. Improve Thinking ability
    2. Creative approach
  3. Game planning with every move
  4. Improves the reaction time
Chess as a profession

Chess is now a common man game, almost having a presence in all countries and recognized as a Global. Various chess tournaments organized at a different level and a very good opportunity to adopt as a profession.

India has produced many grates in the sphere of chess-like:

  • Vishwanathan Anand referred to prevalently as “Vishy”, is an Indian chess Grandmaster and won World Chess Championship for India. In 2003 he won FIDE World Rapid Chess Champion title. His quick game style is one of the key features of his success.
  • Prithu Gupta, he is a real find in recent time to become the 64th GM of Indian chess even before he turned 16 years.

There are a lot of learning opportunities available, best is the enroll at It is the best site to learn and polish your chess skills.

Have a good day, enjoy the journey of life with full of energy and no negativity.

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Best wishes
Team Art-India

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