A million $ question – How to find HAPPiness?

Full of Joy and Energy
Life – A Thought

It is a million $ question – how to find happiness?. It exists for millions on this earth. After 1950 the geography of our earth has changed rapidly. The pace of emerging technologies gave new dimensions to the living beings. The demand led the way to top the table of success. Everyone wants to cover a distance of 30 years in the 10 years timeframe. In short, humans entered into an unrealistic or exceptional RACE of life.

Naturally, when impractical desires get a space in real life then nuisance also added in life. Due to fighting for success the realization of what is lost comes into the picture. The truth of peace gets a ray of hope and lost happiness gets a breathing space too.

Setting up a goal

It’s really difficult to say what is right or wrong. However, at some point in our life, we should learn the art of living and explore the parameters of “how to set happiness as a primary goal”. It’s better to give some space for:

– Mind to find peace,
– Soul to happiness and
– Body to relax.

How to Find Happiness?

I am sorry I made you wait for long to explain “How to find HAPPiness?”, here are some tried and tested ways to keep yourself happy and fit:

  1. React like a 5-year-old kidAlways be innocent, it does not matter what you lose or gain, but ensure one thing to be happy. Be like a little one and live life as a 5-year-old does. Their simple philosophy is “ignorance is bliss “. It doesn’t matter what his happening around them , they are always happy by their nature.
  2. Do your favorite things – Just choose your hobbies, I am not even talking about choosing passions. Just your hobbies will light your life with happiness and clarity. Enormous scientific results have shown that when you are happy you give your best.
  3. Enjoy – Literally saying “JUST ENJOY “, express and experience your life. You must feel grateful and reverence towards this life. For this, every morning just reminds yourself “HOW LUCKY YOU ARE”.
  4. Have friends – Guys, if you have an army of friends means you are the most wonderful person on this earth. Friendship is a real gift of GOD; this ship has the ability to carry any kind of load to cross deep seas or capacity to land on Everest.
Happiness is the key to extend your age.
Friends forever

Meaning of Happiness is that feeling that comes over you when you know life is good and you can’t help but smile. It’s the opposite of sadness. Happiness is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment. When people are successful, or safe, or lucky, they feel happiness.

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