Season of Gifting

Hello every one, HAPPY THURSDAY 😊

We are very close to the closure 2019, last quarter of the year is carrying lot of excitement as lot of festivals are due in remaining part of this year. Festival means lot of fun, enjoyment, celebration and it incline to establish bonding between human to human.

India is a land of diversity, every mile stone is carrying a flavor of change. You may find changes in dialect, culture, traditions, style of living or celebration.  Such assortment made our country unique and these festival work as adhesives between different cultures.

The biggest festival of India “Diwali” is knocking the door, it is also known as “festival of lights”.  The festival of prosperity, new beginning is awaiting to bring joy, happiness in everyone’s life.

Festival of Lights

The human tendency is always looking around “what is special on this Diwali?”, certainly Diwali is known for GIFTING too and people do exchanges warm blessing with gifts:  

Mostly gift exchanged between:

  • Rich to poor families to make their Diwali special
    • Employers to the employee to feel proud
    • Parents to kids to feel joy and excitement.
    • Exchanging gifts between relatives and friends for the stronger bonding.
    • Building a new relationship with a gift during this time as well.

Gifting is one of the common threads across all societies. Here the question comes “Why gifts are important?”, gifts are one way in which you can express your love & affection for the other person/family, in other words, our sentiments are attached to it also it is an economy builder activity.

Somewhere I do believe that we should encourage to include handmade items as gifts, you can ask the question Why Hand Made?

  • Handmade items are always unique and cannot be duplicated.
  • Human touch makes them very special.
  • Help the handmade industry to survive and grow.

There might be another question popped up in your mind “Can you suggest the items?”, definitely YES, there are so many gifting options available some of them are listed below:

  • Handmade paintings: Handmade paintings are a very good option; it is a unique gift. Every piece of artwork carries an influential and unique expression to symbolize visualization of the originator (artist). It established the inner connection between the giver and receiver and shows how much you care about the person – their individuality, beliefs, feelings, hopes, convictions, and philosophies. ‘Painting’ is an ideal gifting option during the festivity season.
  • Handmade Cloths: Almost 25 years back my mother gifted handmade sweater, it was carrying true emotions and care. Handmade clothes are a very good personalized gift to connect with each other. You can find very nice options from medium range products to high-end items.

  • Handmade Wooden Toys: Wooden toys are surely a great choice to makeover plastic toys. It is a wise choice because this encourages your child to interact with it manually, rather than simply pressing a button and letting it do its thing. Need more creativity with such toys. Longevity is another factor it won’t get expired even after used by 4-5 generations. Feel of legacy is something which can’t be achieved by any other ways.
  • Other good options are like
    • Handmade candles/Lamps,
    • Handmade cookies/sweets/chocolates

Hey guys, I am not pushing anyone hard to go for handmade items only, however requesting to initiate this campaign to keep sentiments alive to improve the roots of our society.

Wish you a very happy Diwali in advance. 😊

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