Importance & acceptance of Child psychology

Last Saturday was a memorable day for me, it was a little ordinary experience. It was also a realising point to know the Importance & acceptance of Child psychology. Sharing actual incident of life, I got the first official realization that I am a father of a 6-year-old SON when his class teacher expressed some concerns related to his naughty activities and not listening to her at all. Being a father no choice left to hear her voice politely, no matter who is right or wrong…

A complaint from a class teacher is always a concern, difficult to react and wasn’t aware of how to take such kind of observations. Some-where it is just a matter of time, important to understand the problem and identifying the solution. I recalled the full incident furthermore tried to understand the existence of the core issues. Came up with different aspects in mind as well:

  • The teacher was explaining her failure for finding difficulties to control kids.
  • OR inability of a school to manage such kids
  • OR Kids are really unable to meet the age expectations.
Thinking about Problem/Solution

It is a well-known fact, that if you know the problem, then always helpful to you to find a distinct solution easily. The teacher has explained the problem however no solution proposed by her. Honestly, if kids won’t be naughty then they won’t be smart in the future, if they can’t fly with the wings of freedom then they won’t be able to build the bridge between success and failure. Afterall everyone loves to be a child, innocent faces, always ready to accept challenges, no worry and even a small-things make them happy. That’s why it is important to know about Child psychology

Nowadays, the upcoming generation is getting a lot of controlled environments rather than a free way to lift their life. It is understandable that parents putting their kids in the race of life as a Product and looking success at every step of their life. For parents, I would recommend, We should teach them but also help them. Being a parent, always give enough room to cheer, to have fun, freedom to express without any control.

My dear parents, these situations are always to be managed politely without any fear. There is no harm to have such feedback irrespective of age groups, we should accept them positively and work towards to negotiate observations as an opportunity for improvement. In this process, I went through different articles, sharing my thoughts as well for other parents:

Understanding the kids
  1. Behavioural Changes – Understand the behavioural changes of your kids. Always better to jot down the findings and if you are noticing some uncommon troubles then try to find out a solution with the easy mindset.
  2. Interaction– Better to interact with them and give enough time to speak rather than start giving suggestions. Winning confidence is a key aspect of communication.
  3. Energy diversion– Some kids are very energetic, wise people always ensure to consume their energy before going for bed. It helps to have a sound sleep and charge themself for a new day easily.
  4. Trust them: Give them full opportunities to prove them right or others are wrong. Some times parents going with bookish example and ask them to follow, though young legs always looking for different ways to achieve their target. Trust building is one of the keys to giving them confidence to build their road to success.
  5. Psychologist– Success is not what achieved, some time failure gives a path to right tune your journey. In case, difficulties still meeting always better to approach child psychologist. Looks little odd, irrespective of your kid is 100% mentally fit. Some times gaps between parents and child mindset create a trouble unknowingly.
Ways to think for a solution

Child development  varying based on their age group, it is important for parents to understand them as early as possible and help them to negotiate odd situations wisely.

Please review the following links to understand your kids:

  1. Symptoms of Child Behaviour Disorders | Child Psychology
  2. Handling an angry child. The first step
  3. Six steps to be a better boss to your child
  4. Aamir khan’s Parenting Advice for Parents

I hope this article “Importance & acceptance of Child psychology” is helpful for you guys to uplift the morale of your young kids.

All the best and enjoy the best part of your life.


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