A Real Question for life is what is ART?

Stillness, what is art?
Question “What is ART?”

A Real Question for life is what is ART? a wonderful question came in my mind while I was about to be alive from night deep sleep. Most of the time conceived thoughts do not get an opportunity to survive during the transition process of Deep Sleep to Awake. Considering it is my brainchild, I found myself in a position of mother/father and my wife told me to nurture and develop this. Now the question is “What is ART?”.

As I am inching towards creating my own web world for art-related activities so such thoughts are really getting a good amount of space in mind when expressing those thoughts in my own way, does it satisfy the needs of a question What is ART?

No, never … expression, execution is not an art, my mind and heart both are guiding me with the same voice tone. Frankly speaking, today my wife is not near to me otherwise getting heart voice is one of the biggest challenges… 😊

Search for What is ART?

Still awake, still alive, still having the same question what is ART?

Approached google God and found two definitions…

  1. The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
  2. The various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.

Seriously, I did my brainstorming to relate the above definitions. However, still failed to pass the test. Above-mentioned definition appears correct but not 100% satisfactory.

What is ART?

I don’t know if I am trying to reinvent the wheel. Here having faith to find a real answer for What is ART?

A day of thinking, spending a night, come closure to express my vision about the ART

  1. ART is an expression of your freedom and Wisdom
  2. An art is holding the hand of a friend to set the high goals,
  3. ART is a way to kiss your spouse to give pleasure and confidence that DOES NOT MATTER where is the destination, I am with you to define destiny.
  4. An ART is a love for your parents, it shows a life path forever.
  5. ART is to nurture the next generation without raising the voice.
  6. An ART is a road to collaboration.
  7. ART is to give life to others without a single question.
  8. An ART is to hold the hand of your siblings to feel like a banyan tree.
  9. ART is a journey to spread smile on others and reflections on your face.
  10. An ART is a forgiveness to move.
  11. An Art is a way to inject life in many.

My dear friend’s ART is a way of living to set the visual and acceptable example for others to feel happy.

ART to be described as Amazing, Realistic, Talent to express vision…

Guys, a lot of stuff available over the internet to find the true meaning of ART, few links mentioned here:

  1. What do we do really mean by art?
  2. ART?

Thanks a lot for reading this blog.

Team Art-India.com

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