Importance of Silence Revival for a healthy life

Silence Revival is the key to be fit forever

Communication is one of the lifelines in the present world, all facts suggest that the upcoming generation will be holding the keys to their success via communication only. I can predict because one of the core focuses on schooling, where all efforts are established to ensure that the child’s speaking/reading abilities are extraordinary. That’s why I tried to figure out the Importance of Silence Revival for a healthy life. So, guys, lets start the silence revival for our healthy life.

I am seriously thinking about the past few days IS IT A RIGHT PRACTICE?

If it is true then…

  • What’s the importance of silence?
  • Where does it work?
  • Why it is regarded as a powerful tool?
  • Does it have any relevance in our life?

Are we nurturing real communication where speaking abilities are superpower over silence, which is a true fact in today’s world?
However, learning of Silence is quite important and supersede speaking abilities if we need to survive on this earth for long.

Here is a wonderful quote for the Silence.

“Silence is a source of great strength.” – Lao Tzu

Silence is one of the blessings if it is added in our day to day life. It is offering significant health advantages that boost our overall well-being.

Benefits of Silence

When human invest daily an hour in silence zone, that could lead to the following physical advantages:

  • Lower the blood pressure, reduce the chances of heart diseases.
  • Nurture immune system significantly.
  • It helps the brain to generate new cells in the brain. In one of the studies conducted in the year, 2013 found that 2 hrs long silence can generate new cells in the hippocampus region, it is a brain area that is linked to learning, remembering, and emotions.
  • Stress reliever by lowering blood cortisol levels and adrenaline. A study in 2006 shows that a few minutes of silence reduce stress or tension in the body and brain, also provides more relax than listening to music. Such changes in body attributed to changes in blood pressure and blood circulation in the brain.

Silence is one of the best power tool to overcome any situation, here is why…

  • Silence …
    • Improve awareness of self and environment.
    • It makes you a good listener.
    • Add new dimensions to your creative thinking.
    • It helps to keep your energy intact.
    • it helps to negotiate an odd situation very well and avoid conflicts.
How to find silence?

Now the question is where to find silence in this world, here are few tips to go on:

  • Once you getup, spend 5 more minutes on the bed. Do a silent prayer of gratitude for all that you have and ask for blessings for the day ahead.
  • Do deep breathing exercises, this helps to calm your mind and improve the ability to correct the thoughts from negative to positive.
  • Meditate, it is a long process to reach this level. This practice can be whatever you want it to be, from simple to more intricate.

Here our job is not over, certainly, it is our responsibility to prepare the next generation too. For each of us, it is important to learn and teach the next generation

  • What to speak?
  • How to speak?
  • When to Speak?
  • Where to Speak and not to speak?
Different thinking

Do you know WISE people always speak very less, how do they get the wisdom to control communication? The answer is because they are wise, they do believe in the power of listening and silence. Never react to the situation, always come forward and speak for a solution.

Thanks for your reading this blog, if you like it then share with your friends to spread awareness of better life and importance of Silence.

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